Know someone that is looking to buy or sell a business?
Finders Club™ has an excellent referral program!

Partner with the Market Leaders in the Sale of Privately Owned Businesses

  • About: Finders Club™

    About: Finders Club™

    Finders Club™ is a division of Business Hunters South Africa & Private Business™.

  • About: Business Hunters™

    About: Business Hunters™

    Business Hunters™ is a full-service professional business intermediary firm specialising in all aspects of the confidential sale, merger, acquisition and valuation of privately held mid-market companies.

  • About: Private Business™

    About: Private Business™

    Private Business™ offer a refreshing new approach to sell a business in South Africa without paying 10-12% broker commission.

How does Finders Club work?

Earn Money With Our Referral Program

Our Clients Referral Program is straightforward, mention us to your clients, colleagues, associates, friends and other businesses. Bring us new business and when the referred client use our services you get paid referral fees.

We need referrals for the following services.

  • Business Buyers
  • Business Sellers
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business Valuations
  • Private Business – Sales Packages


Industry Experts with 15+ Years Business Sales Experience. We have assisted 100’s of business buyers and sellers.

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